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Are you tired of reading and reading a long text stored in your computer? Here you are the solution... TextAloud.

Run TextAloud, choose the text you want it to read and TextAloud, a good friend, will read the text aloud, so you can listen to it as if it was a radio instead of a book.

No matter what you want it to read, it will do. Choose your e-mail, a text, documents, the lesson for tomorrow,... Text Aloud is going to be your partner from now on.

Copy & Paste, you will remember this command because it is the only command you need to make Text Aloud read your texts and save your beloved time.

Setup the preferences so it will read the text just pressing a key combination, set the speed, and more. In addition, you can save the read text as MP3 or WAV files.

20 days trial version

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